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I am... three, maybe four degrees of separation from [ profile] saunteringdown, artist of Friendly Hostility, which apparently started off as a story about the Maharassa family (...a webcomic with a well-written primarily nonwhite cast? IS THIS LEGAL AND CAN I MARRY IT?), and then got sucked into the usual Huge Lovecraftian Demons of Doom Arc thing that lots of webcomics get into (see Sluggy Freelance, and to some extent, Megatokyo), incorporating characters from the old Boy Meets Boy comic (maybe it was the previous project?), and eventually featuring Nyarlathotep in the comic on a semi-regular basis and in the default icon of [ profile] saunteringdown. The hypnotizing one that I'm staring at and makes Mack make cracks about Sadu-Hem.

Unfortunately, the degrees of separation are like this:

Me -> Darling Crow Girl -> Metaphorical Phoenix Girl -> Late Stranger -> [ profile] saunteringdown.


There is also the fact that Late Stranger seems to have been a fascinating person, the kind I would have liked to have gotten to know, or at least, read every now and then.

I've also been digging through old email, as far back as June of 2000, and... um. Wow, [ profile] ippeas. Some of this is disgusting. And you say the chats were worse?
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