Dec. 15th, 2005

bao: (amused)
For some reason, after browsing around looking for new icons thanks to official generosity, I ended up downloading brushes and textures and things from [ profile] colorfilter and [ profile] crumblingwalls and trying my hand at it myself. It's not as hard as I thought.

Does anyone remember "catprin"? It was this website a while back, brought up on Mandom Stank for mockery, in which strange Japanese people would dress up their cats and then take pictures of them in the outfits. Like a cross between cosplay and Oolong.

Anyway, there were some cute pictures sitting around on the computer from that, so here's four catprin icons.

These cats are not pleased! )

Then, three icons of some Vietnamese women from this site, which I adore.

Two pretty young women, one beautiful old one )

Out of the three, I think the one of bà lão there is the prettiest. But then again, that smile probably would've made it the best icon anyway.
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