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For some reason, after browsing around looking for new icons thanks to official generosity, I ended up downloading brushes and textures and things from [ profile] colorfilter and [ profile] crumblingwalls and trying my hand at it myself. It's not as hard as I thought.

Does anyone remember "catprin"? It was this website a while back, brought up on Mandom Stank for mockery, in which strange Japanese people would dress up their cats and then take pictures of them in the outfits. Like a cross between cosplay and Oolong.

Anyway, there were some cute pictures sitting around on the computer from that, so here's four catprin icons.


Then, three icons of some Vietnamese women from this site, which I adore.


Out of the three, I think the one of bà lão there is the prettiest. But then again, that smile probably would've made it the best icon anyway.
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