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The, uh, Morningstar Amulet on this page is a bit ODD to me, from all the mixing of runes and traditions and such. Then again, you know, global communication works wonders.

It's still pretty funny-looking, though. Is that what makes it good luck? Bad mojo starts to approach, sees the amulet, and ends up laughing so hard that they decide to let you have a break for once? Seriously, no joke: a little doofy thing could work solely by virtue of being little and doofy. Maybe not on bad mojo, but on someone who's been having a horrible day. (Then again, sometimes they're the same thing.)

In conclusion, this icon make me look like I have six eyes! WOO!
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Behold, what the internet has sought from the very beginning: a program that will stuff something through Babelfish five times and print out the results.

First Test! )

And when you take that and include Chinese, Japanese, and Korean...

My given name broke the machine! )


It makes everything worse! )

So, in short, don't use Babelfish, you naughty little creatures! It consolidated with the situation of the screw is understood!
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For some reason, after browsing around looking for new icons thanks to official generosity, I ended up downloading brushes and textures and things from [ profile] colorfilter and [ profile] crumblingwalls and trying my hand at it myself. It's not as hard as I thought.

Does anyone remember "catprin"? It was this website a while back, brought up on Mandom Stank for mockery, in which strange Japanese people would dress up their cats and then take pictures of them in the outfits. Like a cross between cosplay and Oolong.

Anyway, there were some cute pictures sitting around on the computer from that, so here's four catprin icons.

These cats are not pleased! )

Then, three icons of some Vietnamese women from this site, which I adore.

Two pretty young women, one beautiful old one )

Out of the three, I think the one of bà lão there is the prettiest. But then again, that smile probably would've made it the best icon anyway.
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I kid you not, snugglywuzzums has been gliding around all day, singing this song to the tune of "Silver Bells":


This translates roughly to

Chicken, you know I like the chicken
I wonder if you are spoken to
Rock god, you know I hate the rock god
As my honey says "I don't get it"

In other words, it's a nonsense song that's also one big joke on me. So, I get my revenge by calling her snugglywuzzums and moochiepoo online to potential millions of strangers! HAHAHA!

Yes, I am lame. But I control the Lame! The Lame does not control me!

EDIBONG: And my grammar was off in a few places. Ar, Japanese. Sometimes I swear they made this language up just to laugh at people who get it wrong.
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...who used to have a journal at [ profile] karinofujo but doesn't anymore. This is based off of her diary some notebooks she left lying around. Heheheh.

Moochiepoo handwriting! )

Oh, and the little stinger on the a, c, and d letters? Are always there, on every instance of the letters, and even a few others. Which makes my occasional stinger look so wimpy. I'm like, "Lalala I like a little verbal foreplay," and she's apparently all, "RRRAWR YOU STRONG CHALLENGING MAN YOU!"

...okay, just for that, I die. Croak.

But seriously, do these things ever say, "So-and-so is an unpleasant, cranky old geezer with arthritis"? Inquiring minds want to know.
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...and not posted until now because I'm forgetful. Har. (Thing from here.)

Online Handwriting Analysis Results )
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The Sin City trailer is awesome brain fluff action. But the low-bandwidth-friendly quality of the Quicktime trailer makes me weep. However-- yoohoo~ [ profile] ippeas~! There's a certain actress playing Nancy Callahan~<3 (and she's pole-dancing~<333)

Okay, [ profile] ippeas is going to kill me now. Which means I have done my duty! Besides, I'm more interested in seeing how Devon Aoki does playing Miho. Rrrrowr.

Anyway, I found a great manga today at the store: The Wallflower, or, as it's originally known, ヤマトナデシコ七変化-- Perfect Woman Seven Changes. I am completely a Yamanade fanboy now. Marry me Sunako~<3 We can elope and have horribly deformed monster children that eat human flesh~<333

Holy shit, this is amazing. NSFW, sort of. You can see butt, man legs, and AMAZING ACROBATICS. More laughable than offensive, really. )

More later on why I like women who don't care at all much more than the ones who take hours to look like plastic. (Not that I mind the plastic ones when it comes to short spins around town and the bed and maybe the floor, but... well, I've got reasons for not wanting to do that much anymore.)
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This would be really cool if I could get the testplay to work right. Running around is fun, but then I click on the dog too much and it freezes.

Cute thing stolen from [ profile] meridjet. You should probably take it yourself before looking at my answers ).

Comment response meme! The kind that no one ever answers~ )
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Because I won't play fair with a meme that asks for my age. )

I got this from a dork that seems to think complete strangers can ruin your life. Oh, and that ruining a life is equivalent to not liking a particular toy anymore. OMG YOU MADE ME NOT LIKE TRANSFORMERS YOU BASTARD. Either way, I felt the need to shatter someone's faith in the Truth of Memes.
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So, uh, I'm tired and about ready to collapse (which makes sense at quarter before three a.m.), but I have to show off these incredibly neat things that [ profile] thebkcam made for me without warning. Well, not totally without warning. I asked her to edit a particular picture for later use in an icon. She did so, and then went hogwild and produced two other images that are far too interesting (and big) for icons.

Click this. Really. JPGs won't eat your face. )

Now to actually go and SLEEP so that I don't hallucinate peripheral bugs or something.
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From [ profile] brainspew.

Brainspew. )

And also, as a break from politics, here is a fluffy bunny:

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