Dec. 28th, 2004

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...and not posted until now because I'm forgetful. Har. (Thing from here.)

Online Handwriting Analysis Results )
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...who used to have a journal at [ profile] karinofujo but doesn't anymore. This is based off of her diary some notebooks she left lying around. Heheheh.

Moochiepoo handwriting! )

Oh, and the little stinger on the a, c, and d letters? Are always there, on every instance of the letters, and even a few others. Which makes my occasional stinger look so wimpy. I'm like, "Lalala I like a little verbal foreplay," and she's apparently all, "RRRAWR YOU STRONG CHALLENGING MAN YOU!"

...okay, just for that, I die. Croak.

But seriously, do these things ever say, "So-and-so is an unpleasant, cranky old geezer with arthritis"? Inquiring minds want to know.
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