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I ♥ subjects that are completely tangental to what the heck I'm actually talking about. Don't you?

Anyway. One comic I've been following for over a year is RAY, by Akihito Yoshitomi, licensed and translated by ADV. Mrr. But anyway, it's a good series. Nice levels all around of what the hell, what the shit, and what the FUCK, as well as x-ray vision, kickboxing nurses, the best Not-A-Pirate dude ever, and an unabashed admission that the whole thing is really just a fanfic spinoff of Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack.

So this week, we discovered that there's a TV adaptation out, RAY The Animation, and it's being digitally fansubbed by Froth-Bite, whom we ♥. (We also ♥ Seichi, Soldats, and Lunar. They do good work.) After downloading two episodes by BitTorrent last night and watching them this morning, I give it one and a half thumbs up as far as adaptations go. Why not two thumbs? Well. It's cheesy in the right places, serious in the right places, Misato, Ray, and Dr. Sawa are dead on, but.....

...when the HELL did Shinoyama get a haircut so you could see his EYES?! He's supposed to be so much scruffier and geeky. You rarely, rarely, rarely see that much of his face in the manga. AND WHEN DID HE GET SOCIAL SKILLS. AND WHEN DID CHICKS GET CRUSHES ON HIM.

Other than that, no problems. I'm more or less satisfied and highly recommend the show so far.

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